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A Modern Cozy Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains

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Cabins have long been associated with comfort, relaxation and reconnecting to nature. Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains hold special appeal; here you will find modern cozy cabins promising unforgettable retreat experiences.


Location of Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains cover much of eastern United States from Georgia all the way up into Pennsylvania and form part of the larger Appalachian Mountain range, famous for its biodiversity and stunning landscapes. Nestled into this range on 2.5 acres with access to mountain streams is a cozy modern cabin which perfectly captures its serenity.

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The Cabin: Combination of Comfort and Style

At just 300 square feet, this cabin may qualify as “tiny house,” but don’t let its small size fool you. The design makes excellent use of space resulting in an atmosphere both quaint and surprising spacious despite being so compact in terms of floor area. Furthermore, an open floor plan and cathedral ceiling add grandeur and make this cabin seem much bigger than it really is!

space is a premium in a tiny house and we've done everything possible to maximize our cabin. shelves below the middle bunk are your suitcases and ample hooks on the wall. this bunk room boasts 3 bunks for guests #3, 4, and 5.

Accommodation Options Available for Every User in Room for Everybody

Though relatively compact in size, this cabin comfortably houses five people. Featuring a lofted queen bed ideal for rising early to breathtaking views as well as three bunk beds designed specifically to host children or additional guests, its layout provides all you need for comfortable accommodations for every guest in its cozy confines.

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Life Can Get Hectic; Here’s A Break

This cabin offers more than just sleep; it provides an escape from everyday stressors. Recognized as one of Virginia’s “Best Glamping Spots,” this unique experience blends rustic camping charm with modern comforts to offer guests an exceptional getaway experience.

Proximity to Adventure For outdoor enthusiasts who desire adventure, this cabin’s location cannot be beat. Just minutes from America’s Favorite Drive – Blue Ridge Parkway with stunning scenic drives like Appalachian Trail or Glenwood Horse Trail and numerous hiking routes are easily within reach from here.

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Glamping (Glamour Camping), also known as glamorous camping, provides the best of both worlds: natural beauty with hotel comforts. A cozy modern cabin perfectly captures this spirit; here you can take pleasure in hearing babbling streams nearby while breathing fresh mountain air or star-studded nights without giving up luxury accommodations that you are used to having at home.

did your kids get their last pair of clothes filthy dirty play in the woods or creek? no worries, there's a washer and dryer available for you to use.

A cozy modern cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without forgoing comfort. Ideal for both outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers seeking respite, this cabin provides an idyllic retreat which will leave them refreshed and renewed after just one stay!