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A Virtual Tour of the $16,348 Cumberland Log Cabin by Premier Builder, Amish Log Cabins

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Launch into traditional log cabin living with the Cumberland Log Cabin by Amish Cabin Company at an attractive starting price point of $16,348, providing an opportunity to appreciate nature while taking comfort in having a warm, welcoming home.

Tradition of Excellence at Amish Cabin Company

The Amish Cabin Company, known for their dedication to quality and craftsmanship, offers an assortment of log cabin designs tailored specifically for different needs and preferences. Their creations go beyond mere structures – they capture rustic living by embodying warmth, authenticity, and connection with nature in all their creations.

log cabin

Discover the Cumberland Log Cabin today.

The Cumberland Log Cabin stands as testament to Amish Cabin Company’s devotion to tradition and quality, featuring an appealing combination of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal – perfect for duplex living arrangements or cozy retreats amidst nature’s beauty.

Sustainable Living at its Best

One of the standout characteristics of Cumberland Log Cabins is their commitment to sustainability. Logs used in construction come from eco-friendly tree plantations projects, helping protect our earth’s precious resources while simultaneously building your dream home! By selecting this log cabin you are choosing an environmentally conscious lifestyle as you preserve our planet while investing in home.


Find A Home That Reflects Your Style

The Cumberland Log Cabin from Amish Cabin Company provides more than just shelter; it serves as a blank slate to express your own creativity and meet all of your needs. From shipping costs and assembly options, they ensure you have everything necessary for making informed decisions regarding your dream home.

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Log Cabin Living Has Many Advantages

Log cabin living brings many tangible and intangible advantages, both tangible and intangible. Constructed using natural materials that promote relaxation and wellbeing. Meanwhile, their rustic charm provides timeless aesthetic appeal which adds charm and versatility – something not many modern buildings offer.


Create Your Dream Home with the Cumberland Log Cabin

The Cumberland Log Cabin from Amish Cabin Company presents you with an ideal chance to design the home you have always longed for, be it peaceful retreat or duplex living arrangement. Let this cabin make your dreams of homeownership come true today.

With its affordable price point and commitment to sustainability backed by Amish Cabin Company support, the Cumberland Log Cabin stands as more than just another house; it provides access to an authentic lifestyle celebrating nature, simplicity, and authentic living.

Source:Youtuber: Amish Cabin Company