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Amazon’s New Venture: Delivering the Dream of Tiny House Living

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Home buying can be a complex endeavor, but thanks to technology it has never been simpler. Now imagine being able to order an Amazon Minihome directly online and have it sent straight to your door! Sounds incredible? Well it is now reality thanks to Amazon Prime Now.

Prefabricated Tiny Homes Are Proliferating at Breakneck Speed

Minimalistic living has given way to the rise of tiny homes. These spaces, typically measuring less than 400 sq.ft., provide the ideal combination of simplicity and sustainability while saving space in their daily lives. Amazon now provides several prefabricated tiny home designs which suit different budgets.

These homes offer exceptional convenience; purchasing one takes just a few clicks! Plus, these pre-assembled homes reduce stress and mess from traditional construction.

Sustainable Housing with Container Homes

Tiny homes are both practical and sustainable living, offering multiple advantages for sustainable living. Amazon provides prefab shipping container homes that boast numerous advantages.

Shipping containers are tough, durable and recyclable – three characteristics which makes them appealing to many homeowners. With approximately 17 million steel containers globally and only 6 million being in use at any one time worldwide, there’s huge potential to turn recycled steel containers into homes – saving nearly 7,700 pounds of metal while decreasing your consumption of traditional building materials such as bricks, mortar and wood.

Some may argue that melting down these containers and casting them back into new products would be more eco-friendly; however, this simply isn’t feasible: melting and recasting steel require tremendous amounts of energy and are therefore uneconomical solutions, leading to an excess of unwanted containers being collected up.

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Building Offsite Can Benefit You In Many Ways

Steel container homes provide another advantage over conventional buildings: their ability to be constructed off-site and delivered fully functional for easy moving in. This makes them an excellent solution for those without access to land for construction or utilities such as electricity who wish to live independently from traditional dwellings.

If you want to build an off-grid home, shipping containers can be converted at local shops before being taken directly to your land for assembly. Modifying them indoors also ensures watertight construction which is particularly beneficial when building in regions with heavy rainfall.

Steel containers allow fast construction using steel container systems.

Steel container homes can be constructed quickly and cost effectively; evidenced by an innovative project in Diemen, Holland. A local college required immediate accommodation for its students so decided to use 250 containers as houses to quickly construct an entire block.

Containers were manufactured and transported from China, arriving in Amsterdam where five were stacked daily allowing Amsterdam University College to complete 250 container house designs within 12 weeks – insulate and decorate their containers to complete them!

Amazon Offers A Range Of Solutions on Products And Solutions Available On Their Platform

Amazon, as an international e-commerce giant, provides an expansive selection of prefab tiny houses and wood cabins. No matter whether your preference lies with rustic cabin living or contemporary micro home living – whatever suits you can be found right here on their shelves!

Amazon makes buying homes simpler than ever! A click of your mouse and you could have a prefabricated tiny house or recycled steel container home delivered right to your door for sustainable living and minimalist lifestyle – why wait any longer to start this sustainable journey. Get shopping!

This Story was inspired and written by By: AMAZON