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Discover the $80,000 Cabin Built in Just 10 Days – A Prefab Masterpiece

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Dubldom offers cabins that combine affordability, speed of construction and sustainability into one package with their prefab cabin design – something most homebuilders cannot offer their clients! Constructed within 10 working days this prefab structure represents a new paradigm in homebuilding.

Un Cabin That Breaks Conventions

Dubldom’s prefab cabins are testament to modern design and high-grade materials, boasting various sizes and designs to meet diverse needs, whether that means providing cozy retreat space for relaxation or being used as full homes.

At its heart is an impressive design featuring four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office area, living space, kitchen area and even laundry area – the company’s flagship offering that can function either as an isolated cabin or permanent residency.


Thoughtful Design and Layout Solutions

One of the hallmarks of this design is its flexible layout. You can arrange the master bedroom and additional bedrooms at opposite ends of a central room to provide some much-needed privacy within its open-concept framework.

Additionally, a house’s orientation can be easily adjusted to provide stunning views from every direction. With large living room windows and skylights ensuring every cabin receives natural lighting from outside as well as stunning vistas from within it, every cabin offers breathtaking vistas of their surroundings.

Construction and Assembly

In spite of its size and complexity, this prefab cabin’s construction timeframe was extremely efficient: in all it only took 4-6 months from start to completion.

Construction starts in the factory where expert craftspeople assemble each component for assembly on-site within four days – this approach not only guarantees quality but also eliminates any need for homeowners to find builders or source materials themselves. Once ready, assembly can begin immediately upon their arrival on-site.

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High-Quality Materials and Features

Each Dubldom cabin is constructed using energy efficient insulation in its walls, floor, roof and cabin interior design to maximize energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. Natural materials like wood are utilized in its construction for rustic charm while aligning with Dubldom’s commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Inside, each cabin boasts built-in shelving in its living area and bathrooms equipped with either bathtubs, showers or both as options for bathing and showering. Additional amenities include in-floor heating and vanity space complete with sink, toilet and rainwater system – not to mention snow covers to protect them in all climate conditions!


Environmental Considerations and Sustainability.

Dubldom emphasizes environmental responsibility through their use of natural products as well as production optimization and waste minimization measures. Reusing materials ensures nothing goes to waste!

Construction projects that adhere to sustainable principles take great care not to disturb their surroundings during building, further underscoring their dedication. As a result, these homes not only look appealing but are highly energy efficient as well.

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Versatile Applications

Cabins offer flexible applications: they make great long-term homes as well as temporary accommodations during construction of larger houses, and serve as ideal summer retreats away from city life.

At present, these stunning homes can only be found in Russia and Czech Republic; however, their innovative designs provide valuable inspiration to anyone attempting to construct their own wooden cabin or house.

Dubldom’s prefab cabins represent an innovative breakthrough in home construction, offering affordable, quick, and sustainable solutions without compromising on design or quality. By exploring these impressive modular-style wooden cabins you may gain inspiration for creating your ideal cabin or home project – the sky truly is the limit when it comes to creating your ideal living environment!