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Discover the Magic of Affordable Tiny Homes for Only $1320

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Welcome the Tiny Home Movement with open arms

Arched Cabins of Texas stands out with its stylish yet budget-conscious tiny cabins for sale at starting prices as low as $1320; making these cabins an appealing solution for various lifestyle needs.

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Arched Cabins: Redefining Affordable Housing Solutions

Arched Cabins provides stylish yet cost-effective cabins to meet multiple purposes – holiday home, retirement nest or shelter for RV or animals; Arched Cabins is designed with your needs in mind! Attractively priced starting at only $4000 for an arched cottage build!

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Interior Design: Optimizing Space and Function

One might underestimate the interiors of these cabins by their compact exteriors; however, once inside these arched cabins one will discover spacious and versatile living quarters that may surprise one. Some designs even incorporate staircases leading up to loft areas for effective utilization of vertical space as well as additional layers of functionality – your imagination is truly your only limit in creating whatever masterpieces within these cabins!

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Customizable Exteriors: Pick Colors That Complement Your Taste

Tiny cabin exteriors are equally impressive and customizable, featuring an abundance of colors for you to select a shade that best complements your personal aesthetic and surrounding landscape. Choose between neutral tones to vibrant reds and greens – there’s sure to be one perfect hue that matches! Hawaiian Blue stands out as being particularly eye-catching: this hue has been used on one key component of their structure: their continuous roof panel which comes equipped with a 40 year warranty to offer homeowners peace of mind for many years ahead.

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Size Options: Meeting Diverse Needs

Arched Cabins recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to housing needs and preferences, offering several size options designed to suit everyone from an 8-foot cabin perfect for cozy retreats to 24-foot cabins suitable for comfortable living arrangements. Pricing listed only covers shell costs – foundation costs, shipping delivery or installation are additional charges that must be added separately.

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Turnkey Solutions Offer Easy Living Convenience

Arched Cabins offers turnkey solutions for those who desire ready-to-live-in cabins, at an additional cost, which provides convenience of moving into an already completed home. However, DIY enthusiasts could save significantly by finishing their cabin themselves – not only is this cheaper but you will gain the satisfaction of having created something truly yours!

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Location and Leadership as Key Elements in Building an Effective Business Model

Arched Cabins operates out of two locations. Their manufacturing facility can be found in Houston’s Cypress district while their construction crew operates out of Timberon, New Mexico. Arched Cabins’ success can be traced to founder David Cruey who brings years of experience building small houses to bear upon this business venture – his vision to design durable yet cost-effective structures is what defines Arched Cabins ethos and product offering today.

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Building an Arched Cabin: Foundations and Assembly

Building an Arched Cabin provides plenty of foundation options; choose between concrete pour, steel pier-and-beam foundation or wooden frame foundation – or even build directly above a cellar! With our Arched Cabin Build Team’s skilled professionals on board, your Arched Cabin Kit assembly and exterior rough-in can be completed in three days; alternatively you could opt for DIY construction with friends over an entire weekend on existing or newly established foundation.


Arched Cabins Bring Versatility to Every Environment

Arched Cabins provide an attractive solution for those adopting the tiny home lifestyle, with affordable pricing, functional designs, and customizable features that allow users to personalize them according to their tastes and needs. From cozy retreats and hunting lodges, to providing shelter for animals – Arched Cabins can fit seamlessly into your daily life and lifestyle needs.

Source: Arched Cabins.