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Invest in Your Dream Tiny Home with Prefab Units and Sheds Starting at a Mere $9,900

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Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms of Sydney can provide an alternative solution for expanding living space through prefabricated structures that serve as garden sheds, cabins and guest houses – an economical, practical and creative approach that offers space-saving advantages.

Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms Reimagine Space Utilization

Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms manufacture their prefab buildings in Sydney, Australia and deliver nationwide. Assembly of these prefabricated units typically takes less than 24 hours making these an affordable way for homeowners looking for immediate expansion solutions to take place quickly.

All buildings come with a 10-year warranty covering materials and craftsmanship to provide peace of mind regarding durability and quality of the structures.

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Insulation and Customization Services to Meet Your Needs: Tailor Made Solutions

Each of Melwood’s tiny prefab structures comes equipped with pre-fitted insulation in their walls and roof, protecting it against all manner of weather conditions. Not only are the units built robustly; but their customizable nature enables you to meet the lifestyle and specific needs of their users – such as creating compact home offices, cozy guest houses, or garden sheds tailored specifically for them.

Flexibility extends even to their placement; due to their small footprints and maneuverability, these units can easily be transported and placed nearly anywhere on your property – including tight spots.

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Versatility in Design: From Mod to Veranda Cabanas

Melwood offers an assortment of designs for our Cabanas ranging from Mod Cabanas and Porch Cabanas to Veranda Cabanas; each design can be found at different price points allowing customers to find one which meets both budgetary needs and spatial limitations.

Additionally, our company welcomes requests for specific floor plans or models so that your dream product matches up exactly with what’s imagined by you.

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Garden Room Models: Increase Your Living Space

Garden Room models serve a dual purpose in living and recreational applications. Modifiable cabins that meet building code standards allow full-time occupancy; providing you with the unique chance to live in an affordable tiny house if that is what is desired.

These units make excellent rentals or guest homes, adding value and extra functionality.

From Selection to Installation: An Uncomplicated Process

Melwood makes selecting and installing prefabricated structures easy. They send out estimators who measure your property so you can make informed choices regarding type and size.

Once your design and plans have been finalized, a company builds your prefabricated cabin package, delivers it directly to its destination location, and sets up as required. However, please remember that its interior must still be completed with shiplap interior siding or drywall as well as flooring being laid.

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Unleash Your Creativity Through Different Use Cases: Unleash Your Innovation

Melwood’s prefab structures offer limitless creative potential. From treating sick and injured bats in Espace Garden Room 2000 models to using them as retreats, home offices, art studios or backyard bars and lounges – there is truly no end of uses for Melwood prefab structures!

Your Dream Space Awaits Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms’ prefab units provide an innovative and cost-effective solution to space constraints. Perfect as guest houses, garden sheds or full time residences – explore your options today and start creating the space of your dreams!

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