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Ledgewood Log Home Comes with Huge Wrap Around Patio for $135.900

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Coventry Log Homes’ architectural marvel Ledgewood Log Home goes far beyond being just another house; it stands as a lifestyle statement. Situated amidst nature and providing an incredible living experience thanks to its impressive design and robust features. Here is a more in-depth view of this unique dwelling.

An Overview of the Ledgewood Log Home

The Ledgewood Log Home is an impressive combination of elegance and functionality, distinguished by gabled- and shed-dormers in the upstairs bedrooms as well as a central, large gabled roof dormer that lets natural light pour through to each corner of this log house. But perhaps what gives this home its stand-out feature is its extensive wrap-around porch; adding even further aesthetic charm!

The Ledgewood log home covers 1,728 square feet, featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an upper loft area and open concept downstairs living spaces with cathedral ceilings. On the ground level sits the master bedroom as well as living/dining/kitchen areas containing living room seating/kitchen dining combo space as well as bathroom access; two more bedrooms on upper level plus an overlooking loft are located upstairs for added living space and comfort.

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Pricing and Package Options of Ledgewood Log Homes

Ledgewood log homes come at various price points ranging from $59,600 to $119,650 for complete packages, giving potential homeowners ample choice and budgeting flexibility when finding their perfect package.

Investment in a log home may seem straightforward at first, but many factors must be taken into consideration including your budget, desired amenities, construction complexity and more. Knowing all these details will enable you to make an informed decision.

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Budget for Your Dream Log Home

One of the first steps toward building your log home journey should include setting a realistic budget. Balancing dream house aspirations against financial feasibility is of equal importance – even though your eye might wander to grand log houses filled with luxurious amenities, you should remember what can fit within your means.

Luxuries such as a massive stone fireplace or cathedral ceiling may add value, but their expense must also be factored into home affordability calculations. A more practical approach would involve prioritizing necessities over extravagancies while tailoring package sizes according to budgetary considerations.

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Conformance to Standard Log Dimensions is also assured.

Planned into every log home is its standard log dimensions from its manufacturer. These dictate its design, size and complexity as a living space.

DIY Construction: An Economic Approach

An effective way of cutting costs when building a log home is taking some of the construction duties on yourself. Many log home owners choose to stain logs themselves, install floor tiles themselves and even build decks or patios themselves to substantially decrease overall construction costs.

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Exploring Your Options with Coventry Log Homes

Coventry Log Homes’ Ledgewood log home stands out for its distinct features and design; however, there are other choices available on their website as well. They provide five series: Craftsman Series, Tradesman Series, Cabin Series Recreational Series Timber Frame Series that all offer various designs to ensure there’s something suitable no matter your budget or lifestyle preferences.

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Design Considerations for Log Homes

Designing a log home means more than simply choosing one model or series; it involves thinking through which bathrooms, bedrooms and floors best meet your needs and wants. Prioritize features you wish for in your log home so it reflects both your individuality and meets specific requirements.

The Ledgewood Log Home is an outstanding choice for anyone seeking an attractive, functional, and cost-effective log house solution. Through careful planning and consideration, this log house can become your dream home that perfectly satisfies both lifestyle and budget requirements.

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