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Take A Look Inside This Extremely Cozy And Rustic Cabin

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Bross Brothers Cabin in Cottleville, Missouri stands as an historic symbol and rustic beauty reminder from an earlier era, recalling tales of settlements, stagecoaches and wagon trains once bustling across this region. It stands today as a relic from that era evoking those memories!

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Bross Brothers Cabin History.

Early 1800s saw Dardenne become home for an agricultural settlement that housed a country store, wagon repair shop, two small hotels and two grist mills that converted wheat and corn into flour and meal. Travelers along the Boonslick Trail brought stagecoaches, wagon trains and pony express riders contributing significantly to its development and furthered this vibrant community’s expansion.

Cottleville was named in 1839 and soon witnessed a population boom to 500 by 1860. At its core was an influential blacksmith shop owned by two brothers known as Bross who resided next door in a log cabin they eventually made their home.


Restoration of an Iconic Log Cabin

In 1877, the Bross brothers expanded their humble home by adding an addition. Unfortunately during this renovation project, some original logs were covered up under siding to protect them from weathering – thus rendering the cabin invisible for decades until recently when the property was bought up by new owners and its presence discovered!

Before dismantling began, each log was carefully identified and stored away for reuse by Glenn and Cheryl Hill as new owners of the cabin. Rebuilt using its original logs with respect for its initial layout, their log cabin now serves as a vacation rental offering two bedrooms and two bathrooms- perfect for family getaways!

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Today: An Integration of History and Comfort at The Bross Brothers Cabin

Cottleville community members have painstakingly restored this historic log cabin back to its former glory, serving as an emblematic representation of local history while offering contemporary comforts while remaining true to its past allure. Perfect for events, weddings or simply experiencing its charm – this cabin guarantees an unmatched stay experience!

Discover Exciting Attractions Near the Bross Brothers Cabin

Cottleville and its surroundings can be discovered easily from this cabin’s prime location in Cottleville. A variety of event/wedding venues such as Public School House, Piazza Messina, Old Hickory Golf Club are easily reached, while those seeking adventure may visit Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park; Mastermind Room Escape St Charles; Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center or Six Flags St Louis can all provide fun experiences while parks such as Legacy Park at Dardenne Greenway Legacy Park Scott A Lewis Park/Buchit Lake/ City Centre Park provide peaceful outdoor experiences – ideal for exploring Cottleville!

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Step Inside the Bross Brothers Cabin for an Unforgettable Journey Through Time

At first glimpse, entering the cabin’s parlor will transport you back to the 1800s – complete with its rustic fireplace, pine floors and tongue-and-groove ceiling. Plus a table made of hand-hewn logs from over 200 years ago create an air of nostalgia! In addition, its master bedroom, modern bath and kitchen can all be found toward its rear part while additional guest bedrooms in its basement provide sufficient room.

The Bross Brothers Cabin provides an elegant retreat in Cottleville. Set amidst greenery and featuring an idyllic backyard for relaxation, its eight bedrooms make this historic town truly memorable for visitors. Amidst numerous restaurants and shops within walking distance, guests will have an enjoyable and fulfilling stay!

Source: Bross Brothers Cabin