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The $4,490 Tiny House Revolution Now on Amazon

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At the forefront of innovative housing solutions stands Lillevilla Escape from Allwood Kit Cabin – one product making waves on the market that stands out in this respect is priced at $4,490 but boasts impressive dimensions – measuring only 113 sq feet but providing comfortable yet compact living conditions – it serves as both guesthouse, artist studio or even garden shed – an truly versatile marvel that opens a host of opportunities and possibilities!

Lillevilla Escape Attraction

The Lillevilla Escape provides an ideal combination of affordability, functionality, and charm. Constructed using Nordic Spruce Dual Tongue Pattern Windblock technology – known for its robust build and careful design – its kit contains everything necessary for an easy assembly process; making this cabin an attractive solution for those in search of quick but secure housing solutions.

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Ordering and Delivery

Securing the Lillevilla Escape cabin can be accomplished simply and quickly by ordering it on Amazon, with shipping typically taking four or five business days (although please be aware this cabin may currently not be shipped directly into Canada).

Nordic Spruce Construction Benefits

Nordic Spruce was chosen for construction of Lillevilla Escape for numerous good reasons; its many benefits make it a stand-out material choice.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

Spruce wood features long sound-knotted trunk sections, creating beautiful planks and boards of uniform white hue. Spruce’s knotted knots blend in seamlessly with their surrounding wood, producing an appealing aesthetic finish that resists warping when sawn correctly and contribute to its durability.

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Superior Surface Treatment.

Spruce wood offers superior surface treatment with few resin pockets on its surface and straight grain that remains undisturbed when planed, sanded, cut or painted; providing for an exceptionally high-quality surface finish.

Moisture Resistance

Spruce wood offers exceptional moisture resistance, making it a fantastic material choice for exterior uses such as facade applications. Due to the large proportion of heartwood in this species’ trunks and roots that hold onto moisture in this manner, only minimal amounts permeate through and penetrate surface wood surfaces – an attractive feature in cabin exterior design applications!

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Wood Cabins Offer Eco-Friendliness Advantage

Wood cabins like the Lillevilla Escape provide more than functional and aesthetic advantages; they also contribute to environmental sustainability by sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2). Trees used in cabin construction store carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions effectively lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Growing trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere. When sustainably harvested for construction projects, about 50% of that carbon stays trapped inside its wood grain for use as part of construction materials – meaning its price-tag does not include that cost!


Wood Cabins Offer Health Benefits

Living in a wooden cabin can have profound impacts on one’s health and wellbeing, according to research. Exposure to wooden structures has physical as well as psychological advantages; wood’s natural atmosphere helps relieve stress while increasing productivity and speeding healing processes.

Wood Products Have a Lower Carbon Footprint Producing and processing wood materials require much less energy compared to most building materials, leading to reduced “embodied energy”, leading to an overall reduced carbon footprint for products made with wood materials.

Overall, Lillevilla Escape stands as much more than just another tiny house; it represents compact luxury combined with environmental stewardship and wellness enhancement. Furthermore, this house stands as proof that innovative design combined with material choice can revolutionize our living environments.

Source: Amazon