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The Affordable, Enchanting Log Cabin Nestled on a Sprawling 10-Acre Property

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Discover a cozy log cabin located within nature for an affordable retreat on an expansive 10-acre property, providing comfort and serenity without forgoing modern conveniences.

Property Information: An idyllic 10-Acre Retreat

This stunning 10 acres property provides the ideal setting for its stunning log cabin, offering lush scenery that provides the ideal place for relaxation. Additionally, this expansive plot of land provides enough room to expand or subdivide for further development – perfect if your dream involves building or subdividing new home sites!

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The Cabin: Cozy and Comfortable

A cabin is an eye-catching structure that fits right in with its natural surroundings, boasting 828 square feet in area with two bedrooms and one bathroom – ideal for country living!

Unique Features of the Cabin

Even with its diminutive size, this cabin was carefully planned to maximize both comfort and functionality. With an open floor plan that facilitates smooth movement from space to space and high ceilings that create the impression of spaciousness while large windows bring in lots of natural light, further adding charm.

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Bedrooms as Spaces of Relaxation and Rest

This cozy cabin features two cozy bedrooms that provide an ideal refuge after an exhausting day of activities. These spaces were carefully created with comfort in mind to offer rest and rejuvenation in peace and quiet.

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Bathroom: Combining Function and Style

The bathroom of this cabin stands as an impressive testament to functional design. While maintaining its rustic aesthetic, modern amenities have not been sacrificed ensuring maximum comfort for its occupants.

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Potential for Expansion

One of the many attractions of this property lies in its potential for expansion. Boasting 10 acres, your options for growth are practically limitless: whether building your second home, cultivating beautiful gardens, or subdividing portions for future use- this land provides space and flexibility that makes any of your dreams possible.

Access and Convenience Are Key Components for Success in Today’s marketplace

Even though its location may seem remote, the cabin remains close enough for convenience and offers the best of both worlds: peace and serenity of country living without forgoing convenience. This combination makes the cabin an excellent option for anyone wanting an enjoyable country experience without giving up convenience for comfort or peace.

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Dream Come True

Priced at an attractively affordable $144,999, this cozy log cabin represents an affordable gateway into country living. From relaxing getaways and investment opportunities, to realizing dreams of closer living with nature – this cabin could provide exactly what’s needed!

Source: Zillow