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The Art of Crafting Homes from Shipping Containers

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Back Country Containers of Texas has pioneered this architectural innovation concept by turning ordinary shipping containers into stunning homes that go far beyond what was expected of them.

Back Country Containers have their roots in America’s heritage of cargo transportation.

Back Country Containers was conceptualized by Jon Meier, an engineer with an affinity for tiny homes, who wanted to create something different and sustainable. After building his first 20-foot shipping container home he knew he had found his calling; together with Kristen who excels in interior decoration as well as other family members skilled in construction they established the foundations of an enterprise which would quickly alter our perceptions of compact living.

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Modern Farmhouse: Combination of Rustic Charm and Contemporary Elegance

Modern Farmhouse stands out among their creations due to its elegant design and spacious layout, boasting 1,100 square feet of living space – enough for accommodating an entire family full-time! Ideal as either permanent residence, vacation property or lakeside cottage.

An Exterior that Captivates

Modern Farmhouse boasts an harmonious combination of traditional and industrial aesthetics in its exterior design. Retaining its shipping container-inspired metal exterior and doors, as well as its deep hued doors reminiscent of its original hue, it boasts rustic charm while paying homage to its former color. Peaked roof and rocking chair adorned deck provide rustic living elements while French doors let in natural lighting creating a warm welcome atmosphere.

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Interior Design: When Function Meets Artistry

Stepping inside the Modern Farmhouse reveals an intentional design, focused on both comfort and functionality. Boasting three bedrooms (master, guest and bunk) as well as two full bathrooms – providing ample room for every member of the family – its layout emphasizes comfort as much as practicality.

At the center of a home lies an open kitchen in the great room. Equipped with full-sized appliances and plenty of counter space for meal preparation, an island with bar seating adds social element to this cooking space.

Adjacent to the kitchen lies a living area featuring cozy seating arrangements perfect for conversation and relaxation. By seamlessly uniting these areas together, a sense of community and connection is fostered within your home, creating an oasis of calm for its inhabitants.

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Add Personal Character: Transforming your Home With Character

Modern Farmhouse stands apart with its distinctive touches throughout. One bathroom, for instance, boasts an antique dresser painted bright green that’s been converted to serve as a vanity with sinks; another bathroom offers long, leisurely bath soaks; bedrooms are styled with bright bedding and accessories that add splashes of personality into each space.

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Custom Homes: Building Homes that Reflect Their Owners’ Unique Taste

Back Country Containers takes great pride in designing homes to reflect their owners’ personalities. Utilizing 20-foot and forty-foot shipping containers as building blocks, their team designs custom container homes that cater to individual clients’ unique requirements and meet them wherever they reside in Texas or elsewhere across America. As their name indicates, Back Country is committed to offering innovative sustainable living solutions at an accessible level to a broader market.

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Conclusion: Redefining Compact Living

Shipping container homes represent more than just a trend; they represent an advancement towards sustainable living practices and innovative architecture. Back Country Containers has led this movement with excellence by showing how ordinary objects can become extraordinary homes when designed by skilled hands like themselves.

Source:Back Country Containers