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The Art of Living Large in a Tiny House: The Fairchild Model

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Fairchild, Wisconsin has seen an exciting evolution of living spaces recently. Boasting an ideal combination of minimalism and luxury, Viva Collectiv’s Fairchild model offers a fresh take on tiny house living. At 675-square-feet it comfortably houses five people without compromising style or comfort – providing proof that compact living doesn’t necessarily compromise either!

Exterior Features that Combine Fashion and Functionality

Fairchild model home stands out with its striking exterior, boasting striking blue metal siding complemented with stone and wood features for an eye-catching modern aesthetic. A shed roof not only adds contemporary appeal, but maximizes interior ceiling height to enhance a sense of spaciousness within.

This architectural marvel sits firmly on a concrete base, setting it apart from more common mobile tiny houses on wheels. This decision affords it with a larger footprint – providing up to 200 more square feet than standard moveable tiny homes!


Redefining Compact Luxury Space

the Fairchild model welcomes guests with an open plan living area that boasts an inviting sofa at its center surrounded by dining area and kitchen space, along with wall mounted TV and fireplace for cozy movie night or Netflix binging sessions.

This kitchen, featuring an expansive countertop, full-sized double door fridge with freezer compartment, oven with microwave, double sinks and dishwasher is proof that tiny homes can indeed accommodate large appliances like these. Plus, its sleek modern design coupled with plenty of storage and quartz countertops makes this space both beautiful and functional!

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Bathroom: An oasis in small spaces

The Fairchild model’s bathroom exemplifies thoughtful design. Equipped with full-sized vanity, flushing WC and shower for optimal use of space; in addition, this space could fit a bathtub if owners so desired.

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Bedrooms Are Cozy Spaces for All

House features three comfortable bedrooms designed to deliver optimal comfort. The master bedroom provides ample space and comes equipped with its own private bathroom for added privacy and ease. In addition, loft space can serve as either additional sleeping or lounging area depending on family needs.

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Outdoor Living: Connecting With Nature

The Fairchild model expands living space outdoors with an inviting patio that’s great for barbecues or al fresco dining – adding yet more charm and offering opportunities for relaxation or entertainment outside. This feature adds further appeal, providing opportunities for relaxation or entertaining under the open sky.

Tiny Houses and Modern Living: the Big Picture

Though Fairchild offers compelling support for tiny house living, it is necessary to fully consider all implications associated with such lifestyle choice. Building on foundation requires land ownership which may not be possible for everyone and while houses of 400 square feet or greater often qualify as legal full-time dwellings for permanent residency status; tiny houses on wheels still face regulatory barriers as full time dwellings.

Even with all these considerations in mind, the Fairchild model proves how compact living spaces can offer comfort, style, and functionality despite their diminutive dimensions. From woodland retreat to full-time residence to cottage – with thoughtful design you can live large in a tiny house!

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Fairchild Model by Viva Collectiv Reimagining the Future of Housing

The Fairchild model by Viva Collectiv represents an exciting paradigm in housing design that challenges how we see space being utilized and used. Offering both luxury and minimalism at once, its blend offers us a glimpse of its possible future – one where less truly can be more.

Are You Downsizing Or Exploring Tiny Homes? The Fairchild Model Provides Food for Thought. With creative design, even tiny houses can become comfortable homes for five. The Fairchild House proves this point.

Source: Viva Collectiv