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The Cheyenne: A Single-Story Log House with a Panoramic Porch

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Home design has changed considerably over time, yet certain styles never lose their charm. Log houses remain one such style that brings about nostalgia and warmth; today we will explore one such example called Cheyenne that blends rustic charm with contemporary amenities.

An Overview of Cheyenne Indians and Culture

Real Log Homes, known for their impressive track record in log home design dating back over five decades, created The Cheyenne; an impressive single-story log house designed in 1998 that stands out for its spacious 2,408 sq. foot floor plan that encompasses three bedrooms, two and half baths and an open concept living area that unifies kitchen, dining and living rooms. This model stands out.

one story log house interior 3

Exploring Ranch-Style Architecture

The Cheyenne draws its design cues from classic ranch style architecture, making it an excellent option for single-level living. As it doesn’t involve stairs or multiple levels, this home provides greater accessibility than others and may prove particularly advantageous to people living with mobility issues or who appreciate having everything accessible from one level.

one story log house interior

Elegant Interior Space.

Inside The Cheyenne you will discover an expansive master suite, equipped with its own private bath and two additional bedrooms that offer plenty of room for family members or guests. Furthermore, two more bathrooms ensure no one ever has to wait their turn at using one.

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An open concept design ensures a fluid transition from living area to dining area and kitchen, encouraging socialization while providing natural lighting throughout. Cathedral ceilings add grandeur and openness.

one story log house interior 2

Signature Wrap-Around Porch.

One of the hallmark features of The Cheyenne is its wraparound porch. Not only does this outdoor living space add visual interest and increase home value, it provides the ideal spot for relaxing, hosting guests and taking in views – be it enjoying morning coffee under an early sunrise sunrise view, dining alfresco under starlit skies or simply spending quiet moments of nature; The Cheyenne porch has everything covered for an ideal experience!

Log Houses Have Always Held the Appeal of Log Homes

Log homes such as The Cheyenne are an exquisite mix of charm and comfort, exuding warmth that’s hard to capture with other construction methods. Additionally, their durability helps withstand adverse weather conditions for years.

Living in a log house means taking steps towards living more closely with nature, offering up cozy comfort while making lasting family memories. The wooden construction creates a comforting, homely ambiance for making lasting family traditions.

The Cheyenne log house by Real Log Homes stands as an iconic representation of log home living, featuring single-story design with spacious interiors and wraparound porch – making for an inviting place to call home! Combining rustic charm with modern convenience makes The Cheyenne one of Real Log’s most beloved models and continues to draw homeowners worldwide.

one story log house floor plan

The Cheyenne and plenty of different fashions by Real Log Homes.