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The Edgewood Log Home: A Masterpiece of Log House Design With An Exquisite Interior

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Building your log home can be an exciting venture when done with the proper partners and plans in mind. At eLog Homes, they offer the Edgewood log home which features stunning architectural design elements typical of log houses that truly showcases their beauty. In this article we detail its details features, construction process and benefits of purchasing log home building kits.

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Edgewood Log Home attracants

Edgewood Log Home is an impressive structure featuring both traditional and contemporary aesthetics, boasting 2364 square feet with the majority of space devoted to its main floor. This home stands as an inspiration to many.

At the core of the house is its Great Room, taking up most of the main floor space and opening into a sunroom for wintertime fun when outdoor activities are limited. A spacious patio space outside offers more options for dining al fresco or simply lounging outside.

The main level master bedroom provides privacy and easy access, with two additional bedrooms upstairs providing space for children or guests. An elegant spiral staircase adds elegance to this design scheme.

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Benefits of Log Home Building Kit

Selecting an eLog Home log home building kit simplifies the construction process. Each pre-measured kit saves time and effort when cutting and shaping logs – you can even choose from various profiles and shapes like classic log profiles, double round classic shapes, contemporary bevel, double notching bevels and double beveling options to find one to meet your design specifications!

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Additionally, this kit provides all necessary components to construct a sturdy shell quickly and with precision and quality in mind. When undertaking construction yourself you could expect an approximate expenditure of $100 per square meter while engaging a professional contractor could cost as much as $150 per square foot.

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Factors to Keep in Mind when Building a Log Home

Constructing a log home takes careful research and planning. Factors like size of home, climate conditions and whether using a kit or building by hand all play into how long construction takes – with larger floor plans or adverse conditions often lengthening construction timelines while using log home kits being an appealing way to speed things along faster if possible.

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Customize Your Log Home

eLog Homes offers over 300 floor plans, such as Edgewood. Additionally, customization options allow for your design to meet the individual tastes of every homeowner – be that changes in layout or addition of special touches eLog Homes is more than equipped to fulfill these requests.

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An Investment for Life

Owning a log home such as the Edgewood is more than just about owning an attractive structure; it is about investing for life. All houses from eLog Homes come complete with a lifetime warranty to give homeowners peace of mind that their investment is secure.

Edgewood log homes are exquisite examples of artistry and craftsmanship, boasting beautiful designs along with all of the advantages offered by log home building kits. Their sleek aesthetic appeal, combined with customization options and lifetime warranties from eLog Homes make these log homes not just dwellings but also lifelong investments for its new homeowners.

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