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The Moon Dragon: A Unique Masterpiece of Tiny House Living

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Creativity and innovation are hallmarks of success when it comes to tiny house living, and Zyl Vardos’ Moon Dragon stands as testament to this notion. Boasting fairytale-esque features and meticulous craftsmanship, its exquisite construction renders this home much more than simply shelter; rather, it represents art itself!

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Abel Zyl Is the Mind Behind The Moon Dragon

Abel Zyl of Zyl Vardos has been building tiny houses for more than 10 years as part of his company Zyl Vardos and as founder member of American Tiny House Association he brings an immense knowledge and skill set into each creation he makes, most prominently the Moon Dragon model. His dedication is clear in each structure he produces!


Fairytale Design for Exterior of House.

The Moon Dragon is truly captivating to witness; constructed entirely out of cedar wood with handmade windows and an entry door made in Holland by Abel himself, featuring whimsical rooflines and round windows typical of his designs, as well as whimsical curved roofs and round windows giving its whimsical appearance – though these four-cornered windows not only serve to beautify but also to provide ventilation ensuring comfortable living space within.

Compact Yet Spacious: The Interior

Moon Dragon offers a spacious interior despite its small exterior. Measuring 9.25 by 24 feet, Zyl Vardos’ Moon Dragon home measures 9.25 by 24 feet with its domed roofline including sleeping loft suitable for accommodating queen-size beds with enough room on either side for side tables and side lamps. On its main level is also equipped kitchen for cooking delicious meals as well as bathroom with vanity sink, Nature’s Head toilet.

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Luxurious Touches in the Bathroom: An Essential Area

Moon Dragon bathroom design strikes a balance between practicality and luxury, featuring a stunning concrete shower adorned with glass doors, cork flooring and tongue-and-groove ceiling. Birch wood paneling adds elegance, which can either be painted over or left natural for maximum style points.


Expert Storage Solutions provided by Uhaul

Even with its diminutive dimensions, the Moon Dragon provides ample storage solutions. Two large closets in its loft provide clothing storage while its storage staircase includes an innovative slide-out pantry which makes life much simpler in tiny houses on wheels.

Price Tag & Value For Money.

Priced at an astonishingly affordable $110,000 USD, The Moon Dragon may appear expensive for a tiny house; however, when taking into consideration its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Furthermore, being mobile makes its price all the more justifiable when compared with typical homes of its type; making this an affordable solution for many individuals looking for alternative housing solutions.


Conclusion of Moon Dragon for Tiny House Living

The Moon Dragon tiny house is an impressive feat of engineering that perfectly marries style with functionality. Boasting fairytale-esque design elements such as spacious interior design and considerate features that standout, making this unique tiny house an outstanding option for anyone contemplating tiny house living. If you want a home that stands out in both terms of uniqueness and practicality then The Moon Dragon might just be what’s necessary.

Source: Zyl Vardos