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Discover a Luxurious Log Cabin Hidden on a 6.5-Acre Paradise

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Nested in Bethpage, Tennessee is an idyllic log cabin that exudes rustic elegance while remaining modernly functional. Perched upon over 6.5 acres of lush land, this peaceful getaway boasts three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and provides generous living space of 2,492 square feet; truly an abode worth seeing if seeking peace and serenity.

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Take A Closer Look At the Cabin Features

This log cabin goes beyond simply aesthetic appeal – its practicality and convenience are also top of mind. Among its many highlights are a large detached garage with wrap-around porch that accommodates three cars comfortably; an open floor plan provides a welcoming space ideal for socializing among family and friends; plus plenty of parking!

Recently, this cabin has been upgraded with new propane, appliances and tankless heater to ensure a more enjoyable living experience. Furthermore, UV soft water systems and well water aerators offer clean drinking water that’s both accessible and safe – plus new plumbing has been installed as part of an upgrade plan to its well system and its driveway has recently been graveled to further ensure comfort during everyday living.

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Care has been taken in maintaining this cabin with special consideration given to every detail – the roof is fairly new, while moisture control measures and pest-proofing have been implemented within its crawlspace enclosure. A security system adds extra layers of security for peace of mind for its residents.

Immersed in Nature’s Gifts

Location matters when choosing a log cabin home; with its abundance of wildlife and mature fruit trees, its surroundings could serve as the ideal hunting ground. But living in such an idyllic space offers far-reaching advantages that go well beyond immediate surroundings.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality

Log cabins like this one provide one key advantage – improved indoor air quality. The logs used to construct them act as natural purifiers by storing carbon and controlling humidity levels; this results in enhanced airflow within the cabin reducing reliance on filters, humidifiers or purifiers; trapping moisture while permitting controlled release helps contribute towards creating healthier indoor environments.

Stress Reduction

Living in a log cabin may also contribute to lower stress levels by creating a peaceful, natural atmosphere which promotes relaxation. Studies indicate that such living environments help relieve anxiety and tension levels.

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Live Eco-Friendlies!

Log cabins are inherently eco-friendly structures, as their construction makes less environmental impact than conventional brick or stone structures and is less resource intensive. Living in such an eco-friendly environment may positively influence both physical and mental wellbeing.

Logs Used in Cabin Construction Provide Natural Insulation

Logs used in log cabin construction serve as natural insulators, helping maintain an optimal indoor temperature by storing heat and regulating it to prevent heat loss from the interior of the structure resulting in minimal thermal stability and contributing positively to health and well-being overall.

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Encourage Active Lifestyle Change

Log cabins tend to be situated near lakes, forests or mountains – providing plenty of outdoor activities and making it more likely that residents take an active approach towards living a healthier life. Living in such an environment encourages you to get outside more frequently to appreciate nature while leading a more active and active life!

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This secluded log cabin in Bethpage, Tennessee provides more than just lodging: it offers an unforgettable experience that blends comfort, luxury and close contact with nature. From modern amenities such as Wi-Fi internet connection or exploring wildlife to simply breathing fresh air purified by log walls – this rustic retreat promises unforgettable memories for visitors of any kind!

Source: The Ashton Real Estate Group