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The Ultimate in Modern Living: The Briarwood Log Cabin Shell Package at an Unbeatable $70,550

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Many dream of owning their very own log cabin. From permanent residence to vacation home, these structures provide the ideal balance of comfort, simplicity and rustic charm – particularly those from Coventry Log Homes like Briarwood Log Cabin – so here we explore its features, benefits and cost as a viable log home option.

The Briarwood Log Cabin: An Innovative Living Space

The Briarwood log cabin was created to meet various lifestyle needs. Offering space for six individuals to sleep comfortably, making this an excellent solution for a medium-sized family or hosting guests.

Briarwood Cabin offers two loft bedrooms that each accommodate queen- or double-sized beds; plus, its living area can house a futon or pull-out couch bed for additional sleeping space when necessary. Ideal as either full-time residences or summer getaways, its versatility promises satisfaction on every count!

briarwood log cabin package 3

Kitchen and Dining: An Area to Share Meals

Briarwood cabin stands out with its expansive kitchen. There’s enough space for everyone to participate in meal preparation and dining together, creating a sense of community and togetherness. Furthermore, its open concept floor plan further encourages this communal feel by encouraging easy interaction among kitchen, dining and living areas.

briarwood log cabin package 2

Bathroom Storage Solutions that Enliven Comfort and Functionality

Briarwood cabin’s thoughtful design ensures it provides one main-floor bathroom that can comfortably serve an entire family, thus maximising functionality while not sacrificing comfort.

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Cabins provide exceptional storage solutions, particularly in loft bedrooms. This feature ensures your living space remains clutter-free for an enhanced living experience.

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Patio: an Outdoor Oasis

The Briarwood cabin also features an idyllic patio offering breathtaking views of its surroundings. Perfect for setting up patio furniture and creating an outdoor dining area, the patio serves as a tranquil outdoor retreat perfect for enjoying morning coffee, meals outdoors or simply taking in nature’s splendor.

briarwood log cabin package 7

Cost and Construction: Affordable Solutions meet Quality Results

Briarwood log cabin prices are astonishingly affordable when taking into consideration their features and quality. Logs alone cost $35,300 while shell packages (which includes foundation) start from $57,550; total packages (depending on size) vary between $70,550 to $76,200 depending on desired specifications.

Coventry Log Homes provides complete log home packages which contain pre-cut materials including floor system components, log walls, windows and doors as well as roof system elements such as metallic roofing. All materials will arrive together at your construction site with each log individually labeled according to its placement in order of assembly; certain packages even utilize SIP panels which have already been pre-insulated and assembled prior to delivery.

If you prefer not to undertake construction yourself, Coventry Log Homes provides an instructional booklet to guide the build process and get you up and running quickly and successfully.

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Dream Log Cabin in Your Future Awaits

The Briarwood Log Cabin provides the ideal blend of comfort, functionality and affordability. No matter whether it be lakeside retreat or full time log home living is what your heart desires the Briarwood will deliver on every promise made with Coventry Log Homes today and take one step closer towards owning your ideal log home!

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