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Unveil the Beauty of ‘Oh Carolina’: Our Top-Rated Log Cabin Package, Priced from Just $57,196

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“Log homes” evokes feelings of nostalgia for many people and recalling simpler times, making Carolina Log Home plans perfect in meeting this sentiment by offering charming combinations of historical architecture with modern comfort. Not just homes; these structures serve as monuments to our ancestors who built lives using only resources available while remaining aware of their environment.

Travel Back Through History to Understand Log Homes’ Beginning

Log homes have an intricate and varied history. When European settlers arrived in North America, they brought with them an understanding of log home building; Swedish settlers in particular popularized this form of architecture.

Their approach embraced resourcefulness and environmental preservation by using locally available materials while adapting to local conditions. Their Carolina Log Home kit from eLog Homes perfectly represents this philosophy by blending old world charm with contemporary convenience.

carolina kitch5

Log Home Ownership Made Simple by eLog Homes: Simplifying Dream of Log Home Ownership

Building your log home may seem like an impossible feat, but eLog Homes makes the process far simpler. Their online platform makes purchasing plans for your dream cabin or log home accessible as well as offering help obtaining permits and creating blueprints tailored specifically to your location.

At an economical $299 plus $15 shipping and handling fee, owning a log home no longer seems an unobtainable dream.

The Carolina: Representing Balance

The Carolina stands out with its unassuming simplicity and elegant simplicity, creating the ideal balance in terms of size – not too large nor too small! The first floor covers 816 square feet while its second-floor addition adds another 470 sq ft bringing total area covered to 1,2886.

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According to plans, the main level includes two bedrooms and one bathroom on its upper level and two more on the lower level sharing an en-suite bathroom; these plans represent a versatile choice that would fit seamlessly into any neighborhood or location.

carolina bedrm5

Porch: An Entryway into Nature’s Bliss

One of the Carolina’s signature features is its spacious porch, providing ample room to unwind and appreciate nature’s sights and sounds. Perfect for hosting barbecues, dinner parties or simply spending quiet moments, its ample seating makes for the ideal setting.

carolina greatrm61

Windows: Generating Natural Lighting

The Carolina features large windows throughout its structure to let natural light fill its interiors, not only increasing aesthetic appeal but also creating an intimate, cozy, and welcoming ambiance typical of log homes.

Eastern White Pine Homes takes great pride in using only top-quality materials for their log home kits, such as Eastern White Pine which features few knots that could act as weak points and is easy to work with, has high insulation rating and undergoes three month drying process to prevent rotting, mold formation and pest invasions. Each piece is cut by hand demonstrating their exceptional craftsmanship behind creating these homes.

carolina fp01

Log Housing enters its new era

Prefabricated log homes provide the ideal solution to those aspiring to own charming wood-based residences while meeting tight timetables, with eLog Homes leading this movement with straightforward yet cost-effective packages that offer exceptional quality and efficiency.

If you are exploring options from eLog Homes or considering purchasing a Carolina log home, their website provides an ideal starting point. From there you will embark on your owning a piece of history while enjoying contemporary comforts.

Source: Eloghomes