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Your Dream Cabin Awaits: The Hunter Log Cabin Priced at a Mere $16,158

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In the world of log cabins, the Hunter Log Cabin stands out as both cost-effective and spacious option. Boasting an open concept design featuring modern amenities that caters to those desiring an easy lifestyle close to nature. Let us delve into these charming log cabin series from Wayside Lawn Structures for further examination.

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Overview of Hunter Log Cabin

The Hunter Log Cabin exemplifies both affordability and functionality, offering ample living space on one floor with its open concept layout. It comfortably accommodates bunk beds and features a well-equipped kitchen featuring an island as well as generous living room space; although its standard model doesn’t come equipped with bathroom features; thus allowing potential owners the freedom to add one into the design plan as per their individual requirements.

Affordable log cabin kits from Hunter Log Cabin come in various sizes – 10 feet by 12 feet costing $5,885 up to 12 feet by 16 feet which costs $14,813. Despite its small footprint, comfort and utility remain paramount with each Hunter Log Cabin kit.

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Expansive Outdoor Decks: Enhancing Livability

This cabin kit provides two decks: one large front deck and a smaller rear deck that enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide additional outdoor living spaces for relaxation or entertainment. These outdoor spaces serve as extensions of its interior space and enable inhabitants to absorb nature. Though this cabin doesn’t feature many windows, ample natural lighting illuminates interior areas to create an intimate yet inviting ambiance within this shelter.

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Accepting Nature with Log Cabin Living

Imagine living in a rustic cabin nestled within lush forest surroundings and looking out over an unwinding lake – awakening each day to nature’s sounds is what the Hunter Log Cabin can provide you. Perfect for residential use as well as recreational purposes, these eco-friendly dwellings make an eco-friendly, sustainable living option.

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Recently, there has been an apparent shift toward simpler living, with many opting to build log cabin kits as a means of reconnecting with nature and feeling closer to it than living in urban centers. Living in one can foster feelings of unity between humans and nature that otherwise might become disconnected due to city living.

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Health Benefits of Log Cabins

Standard home construction typically utilizes synthetic building materials like drywall that may pose health hazards; in comparison, log cabins use sustainable building materials made up of renewable and superior natural elements which offer numerous health advantages.

Log cabins serve as natural air purifiers, filtering the air before entering a dwelling and filtering out harmful pollutants that we’re exposed to every day, thus improving indoor air quality and saving on energy bills. Plus, their sturdy build guarantees enjoyment over many years – and perhaps even passing onto future generations!

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Find Out More About Wayside Lawn Structures

Wayside Lawn Structures was established in Spring 2002, and since then have become one of the leading suppliers of outdoor swing sets, portable gazebos, storage buildings, and related products. Their Hunter Log Cabin kit stands out among their vast selection of affordable log kits available on their website; trusted among neighbors, friends, and community members for its superior design quality and cost effectiveness – earning Wayside Lawn Structures their place among them all!

Apart from log cabin kits, they also specialize in sheds, cabin designs, storage buildings, lawn and patio furnishings and much more. Their dedication to customer satisfaction has secured their position as reliable suppliers in the log cabin industry.

Wayside Lawn Structure’s Hunter Log Cabin Series stands out with their unparalleled combination of affordability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Perfect as either permanent residences or weekend retreats – they provide access to simpler living and remind us all about nature’s beautiful tranquillity!

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